Victor David León is the Lead singer and Rythym guitarist of Dutch band, Ijsje. Vuur.. He went to Juliard at age 17 when most kids would still be in high school. He is considered a musical prodigy. He started his solo career after college with huge success in Gibraltar and most of Europe. He writes all of his songs and all the songs for Ijsje. Vuur..

Victor León
Birth Name
Victor David White
Birth Date
17 February 1981
Birth Place
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Cello, Viola
Classical, Punk Rock, Progressive Rock
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Tchaikovsky , Beethoven, Johann Christian Bach, Chopin, Marko Ivan Lukačić, Dream Theater, Rage Against the Machine
Samuel Edward White (Father, Deceased), Catherine Joan Andrews (Mother), Alejandro Francisco León (Step-Father), Joanna Dian León (Sister)

Early LifeEdit

León was born in Gibraltar to British parents on the 17th of February 1981. At an early age he began playing piano. Eventually he started playing cello, viola, and guitar. He started preforming for large audiences before he was even in middle school. After his 17th birthday he was accepted into Juliard college in the United States. There he met future Ijsje. Vuur. members, Art Bakker and Erik Kaïn. After graduating, Victor decided to start a music career. He was very successful in Gibraltar, the UK, and the US. But after a single album and two singles, Victor called it quits with a solo career.

Musical CareerEdit

Solo (2003-2007)Edit

Victor's solo career only lasted between 2003-2007 with only one album, Across The Straits, and two singles 2003's "Solid Memory" and 2005's "Gibraltar". The album and the singles all gained platinum status in the UK but never got on the charts elsewhere. After months with writers block, Victor called it quits on the solo career.

Ijsje. Vuur. (2009-present)Edit

After his solo career, Victor called up his friend Art Bakker and decided to form a band. They got Art's cousin, Alexander Oningevuld, to play drums and percussion and Victor's roommate in college, Erik Kaïn, to play vocals, bass, and bass guitar. The bands first single, "Hourglass" was released on July 19 2009.



Across The Straits (2004)(solo)


Solid Memory (2003)(solo)
Gibraltar (2005)(solo)

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