Vladimir Czajkowski is a singer most noted for being in bands such as Spirit & Fall and Brandish your knife.

Personal Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Czajkowski was born in Stara Lubovna, Slovakia, 1970 to Jarek Czajowski and Livie Novak, who were both farmers on the outskirts of the city. At school, Vladimir got poor grades and was constantly mischievous, so got expelled, but he was talented at music.

Teenage Years Edit

In 1986 he got transferred to Music Centre Slovakia in Bratislava, which resulted in the whole family moving there, risking their careers. in 1988 Czajkowski moved to Helsinki, Finland and got a job as a janitor in a Finnish college. The next year, with Ismo Erkka he founded Spirit & Fall, an Indie group. After having a no.14 hit (me jälkisäädös ajaa se keskenään)they disbanded and started looking for other bands. It was in 1991 when Johann and Andriy Samuelson were auditioning that Czajkowski audiotoned.

Brandish Your Knife Edit

Although Pedro Gonzalez was the one that the brothers wanted in their band, he crashed and died a few days later and so Vladimir was made the new singer.

Controversies Edit

He was rumoured to be homosexual in 1996 when the band was at it's height and the press kept selling scandals about his sexuality though Czajkowski denies being gay. At a press conference he said

                            "I am not gay and I think that everyone who thinks that should go and accuse someone else.
                              My partner and I are deeply in love and being homosexual has never been on my mind so if
                              you could just leave me alone that would be great"

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