Vladimir Ivanevska
Birth name Vladimir Pjotr Ivanevska
Also known as Vlad
Born 04/04/1979
Origin Moscow, Russia
Genre(s) Metal
Occupation(s) Guitarist
Instrument(s) Guitar
Associated acts Transferium Project

Vladimir Ivanevska is a Russian guitarist who plays in metal band Transferium Project.


Vlad was born in a strict communist family. In 1998 he took his bags and moved to Berlin, where he became aquianted with Pauli. When Pauli went on his "Eurotrip", he stayed behind. He later got a phonecall from Pauli, who told him that he found a new band, and that they needed a second guitarist. Vlad played a few shows with Transferium Project and was accepted immediately.

Personal life and personalityEdit

Vlad, like Anders, very preservative about his personal life, and he doesn't tell much about it in the few interviews he gives. It's known he currently has a girlfriend, but his marital status is unknown. He is shy and doesn't like to talk in interviews.


  • He speaks fluently German.
  • He dyed his black hair red on various occasions.

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