We Are the Dream Makers
Video by Rest in Peace
Released October 21, 2007
Language English
Label Death Records
Director Marius Dybwad Brandrud

We Are the Dream Makers is a DVD showing the making of Rest in Peace's fifth studio album, Stolen Dreams. The film was taked between September 16 and September 28, 2007 (the two weeks of the recording of the album). It was released on the band's former label, Death Records.

The DVD features 10 of the band's music videos. Also, a short film written by frontman Eduardo Savino, entitled Dreaming, is featured on the DVD.

The DVD was included in a limited edition box set version of Stolen Dreams released in November of 2007.


The DVD is divided in three parts:

  1. Part 1: "Here we go again..." - 22:43
  • This part shows the feelings of the band after the release of Revolution - Vol.2: Agony and how happy they feel to record another album in a very short time. Also, how the band starts writing new songs and re-writing b-sides and demos from the past albums.
  1. Part 2: "Going experimental" - 41:18
  • In this one, it's shown how the band experiments with new sounds and instruments, and how those songs start to turn into a, in some kind of way, concept album.
  1. Part 3: "Finish it" - 38:19
  • The recording of the last songs and the final mixing of the album.

Special featuresEdit


  1. "Awakening"
  2. "Ansiedad"
  3. "Useless"
  4. "Coldhearted"
  5. "Not Alone"
  6. "Fuck You"
  7. "Hell Girl"
  8. "Reasons..."
  9. "She"
  10. "Drugs (Are Not For Me)"

Short film

  1. "Dreaming" (2007)

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