We Observed Mercy


Jamie Walsh - Vocals
Frankie Jones - Guitar
Tomo Fitzgerald - Bass
J Stevenson - Drums
Camden, London, UK
Gothic Rock
Hard Rock
Heavy Metal
Years Active
2007 - Present
Negative Records (2007 - 2008)
Spice Records (2008 - Present)
Associated Acts
2007 - Rebel Uprising
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We Observed Mercy are a British Rock Band formed by Rebel Uprising's first bassist Jamie Walsh.
The band have enjoyed much fame and success in the UK and in Europe.


We Observed Mercy formed in late 2007, despite much controversy due to Jamie's sudden departure from rock band Rebel Uprising. Jamie went on to form a new "project", enlisting the help of Frankie Jones. Jones, then a struggling guitarist in various Camden bands, claimed the musical connection was "immediate" and the pair knew they were "destined for something big". The pair then began auditions for a bass player and a drummer and soon found Tomo and J. This "project" became We Observed Mercy. The band were initially written off by critics due to Walsh's outspoken desire to be world famous and many saw the band, who had yet to release any material, as obnoxious, self obsessed and talentless.

The Rise to FameEdit

We Observed Mercy signed to Negative Records and began playing to small clubs around the UK, particularly in London before releasing "Screwing you Over", a bitter song, reflecting on his time in Rebel Uprising. The single didn't do as well as expected, not reaching the 10,000 copy mark. However, the band soon proved critics wrong, taking time out to craft their talent before touring extensively in the UK and Europe, soon picking up a strong following. They then returned to the UK and released "Hymn of the Tortured Soul", a record based on Jamie's heartbreak when his then girlfriend Nadia (ex-GirlSpice) lost their unborn child in a tragic accident.

Stadium selloutsEdit

After the tragic death of Nadia, the band took a break while Jamie grieved only to be dropped from Negative Records for "inactivity". They weren't unsigned for long, though, as later that week Spice Records signed the band. The signing shocked many fans as Rebel Uprising lead singer Gemma Ferns, who Jamie claimed to have "a burning hatred for" co owns the label with GirlSpice and it is said that as the owner responsible for the 'rock' section of the label Gemma had to be on hand to spend time crafting the material the band release to perfection. However, despite the outcry at the pairing, the label seems to have brought out the best in the band, whose last two singles "Party with the Devil" and "Three" have sold over a quarter of a million copies each.
The band have most recently been touring around the UK and Europe selling out stadiums, becoming one of the fastest rising bands in the world.

The FutureEdit

Now famous in the UK and Europe, Walsh's next move is rumoured to be to move the band's focus onto the US. Jamie is reported to have said that if they can crack America then they can become "superstars". An album is also expected in the late summer or early fall of 2008. Frankie Jones has told fans that "it's on its way" but it's taking a while because "we need it to be perfect".

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