What's Going Wrong With The World We Live In
Single by The Junction
Released October 25th, 2009
Recorded 4th Street Studio's
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 10:67
Label Junction Records
Producer Tony Visconte and Lucy Tyrell

What's Going Wrong With The World We Live In is the 5th single from American alt-rock band The Junction The single was released on October 25th 2009. The song was only released as a single originally but Max Armstrong has said in a recent interview that the song could end up on one of their future albums. It's thought that this single will be the last single from The Junction under their own record label Junction Records.

Writing & RecordingEdit

This song was written in New Jersey in May 2009 by Max Armstrong, he wrote the song after watching a documentary about the change in the USA since 2000. Max Armstrong finished writing the song in August 2009 with the help of close friends Lucy Tyrell and Robin Krieger. Max Armstrong described the song as a huge and very angry rock song about the trouble the USA is in. Although unconfirmed the song is thought to be a political song which is a critisism of the current state of affairs in the USA. The song does offer hope at the end. Max Armstrong said on his blog that he thinks that What's Going Wrong With The World We Live In could well be the best song he's written so far and that there's a good possibility of the song jumpstarting The Junction's music career.

Music VideoEdit

Max Armstrong decided to direct the music video which is a nine minute video featuring dialogue and scenes from September 11th and the Iraq war. The music video stars a number of Max Armstrong close friends and a handfull of actor, the video stars Juliette Moore, Lucy Tyrell, Lauren Grogan and Megan Walker. The video depicts the lives of 4 American women whose life is ruined by the troubles in the USA.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "What's Going Wrong With The World We Live In" - 5:21
  2. "All That You Can't Leave Behind" - 2:12
  3. "I Was Only Dreaming" - 3:34


The Band

Additional Musicians


  • Tony Visconti - Producer
  • Lucy Tyrell - Co-Producer
  • Max Armstrong - Video Director

Chart HistoryEdit

Chart (2009)[1] Peak
Canadian Albums Chart 41
Europe Albums Chart 20
UK Albums Chart 14
World Albums Chart 26
Aus & NZ Albums Chart 57
South American Albums Chart 56
Asian Albums Chart 53
U.S. Billboard 200[2] 24

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