What Are You Hiding From Tonight


November 12th, 2007
Pop-Punk, Pop-Rock

"What Are You Hiding From Tonight" is the eleventh studio album of My Freaky Valentine. The album went through a different writing process to its predecessors in that frontwoman Hayley Williams wrote all the instrumentation and lyrics (excluding "My Beautiful Rescue") due to Drummer/Vocalist Lewis Mason leaving.

The album was recieved well, and critically acclaimed Williams for her sole writing skills. The album showcases more of a Guitar-Pop sound, and features less Piano and Synth than previous albums, relying heavily on catchy rhythms and vocal hooks.


  1. The First Of The Century
  2. Coming Up For Air
  3. My Beautiful Rescue/Track 03
  4. A Blur Is All That's Seen
  5. The Words We Say
  6. Begging To Be Owned
  7. This Is The End
  8. Church Tongue
  9. Watch It Overflow
  10. Blue Emotion


Four singles were released from the album, though only three in physical format.

"Church Tongue" Did not recieve physical release, despite planning. Was released online only.

Random FactsEdit

  • The song "Church Tongue" is the first to feature a "na na na" vocal hook by the band.
  • "The First Of The Century" is hailed as the "most sarcastic" track written by the band, taking influence from criticisms against newer bands and plaigarism.
  • "Begging To Be Owned" was originally a song meant for Hayley Williams' solo repertoire, but Josh Lambert convinced her to release it on the album.
  • "The Words We Say" features Keyboardist Josh Lambert on Glockenspiel.
  • This album is the first to feature Josh Lambert taking up larger backing vocal roles, especially with "Begging To Be Owned".
  • "Blue Emotion" was originally recorded as an electric song, but was since scrapped, and then re-recorded as an acoustic song as it seemed to fit better.
  • Williams has stated she is not particularly fond of the single releases off this album, and wishes she could have released better songs.

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