What I've been Waiting For by Batteries Not Included ft. Jessie Pro


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Soft Rock, Acoustic

Batteries Not Included have teamed up with the latest pop sensation Jessie Pro on an acoustic track called What I've Been Waiting For.

Here is what Jessie had to say about the track:

"It is a really sweet acoustic track. It is soft rock, so it is not dance and pop like the music I will be releasing on my own, but when I was given the offer to collaborate with B.N.I. I couldn't refuse. They are a fantastic group with lots of incredible talent and experience under their belts. Not to mention that the track itself is quite stunning. I think that the public is really going to like our new single. It will be out soon. Stay tuned!"

Unfortunately, the release never materialized and the studio version remains locked up in the vaults of Jellyfish Records. As B.N.I. are no longer a group, it can be said that this track will never see the light of day.

Track ListingEdit

  1. What I've Been Waiting For (Ft. Jessie Pro)
  2. What I've Been Waiting For (Live Version)
  3. What I've Been Waiting For (Kenny Hayes Mix)

Chart PositionsEdit

Not Released


Not Released

Jessie Pro (edit)
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