Written Consent
Background information
Origin Glendale, California.
Genre(s) Rock
Occupation(s) Band
Years active 2007-
Label(s) Dismembered Corpse Rec
Jason Seal (Vocals)
Chris Wilson (Vocals)
Paul Bentley (Electric Guitar)
Mike Thorton (Electric Guitar)
Kevin Smith (Electric Guitar)
Sean Faulkner (Bass)
Josh Wittman (Bass)
Jordan Seiler (Drums)

The founding members of Written Consent all formed in the loud city of Glendale, California. Chris Wilson and his best friend Jordan Seiler went to church one day and met a couple of guys in the youth group who would eventually become Written Consent. In mid-October Written Consent was signed to Metamorphosis Records and debuted 2 albums and 2 singles, 3 of the 4 records hit the top 40 in the first week and continued to stay there.


Chris Wilson had his dream making it big somehow to get out of his hometown, so he went to Glendale Community College, hoping he could find a job out of town as an escape. Then one day he met Jordan Seiler and after they discovered each's musical talent, decided to form a band. Paul Bentley was just an unmotivated businessman working for Chase inc. with nothing to gain, despite having talent in the electric guitar and many band offers, he thought that music wasn't his true path. The next day, Chris; in need of a job, read an ad in the paper about a mailboy position at Chase inc. and thought of it to be an easy task, so he bolted over there. Sean Faulkner was brought up in the rich community of Anywhere, Longbeach, California. He graduated with honors at USCLA, yet he choose the manager position at the local coffeehouse. Mike Thorton was brought up in a rich family who emphasized the family tradition in the passage of the family franchise, unlike his predecessors, he was not interested in maintaining the family legacy. He found music to be a more heartfelt path to follow. Then one day he took a vacation to Bakersfield. Sean Faulkner, a local bartender was attending to his customers when Mike walked in demanding 4 orders of the "worm". {will be updated later}


Chris Wilson (ex. Broken Chains)

Jordan Seiler (ex. Broken Chains)

Jason Seal

Sean Faulkner

Mike Thorton

Paul Bentley

Josh Wittman

Kevin Smith



Equilibrium (demo)




Albums Edit


Your corpse looks a little pale...-Platinum

Requiem of the End-Platinum

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