Your Torment

Your Torment

December 24, 1996
Heavy Metal, Hardcore Punk
Your Torment a.k.a Crash and Die

Your Torment was the second album released by San Francisco metal band Crash and Die. The album was named for the band's original name and includes a song by the same title. It was released on Christmas Eve in 1996. The album far exceeded the previous album Crash And Die in success.

Your Torment was finished within months after guitarist Marz joined the band. On December 23, 1996 Crash and Die gave a single concert of their new material the day before Your Torment hits stores. The audience went wild over the new songs and Marz's stage presence. When Your Torment hit the shelves on Christmas Eve, the album sold out, peaking at #1 on both U.S. and U.K. charts.

Track listingEdit

All tracks were written by Norman Crash and Grimm Die, except where noted.

  1. "Your Torment" – 3:12
  2. "Hot Gun" - 2:39
  3. "Torture and Bliss" (Crash, Marz) – 5:12
  4. "Burning Skull in the Sky" (Die, Marz) – 6:30
  5. "Miserability" (Crash, Die, Marz) - 4:17
  6. "Bouncin' Balls" (Marz)– 8:13
  7. "Heavy Huffin'" (Marz, Crash) – 6:21
  8. "Harder! Harder!" (Marz, Crash, Die)- 5:55
  9. "Burn (You Up)" - 4:40

Bonus tracksEdit

The 2002 re-released of the album includes bonus tracks:

  • "Your Torment (Reprise)" - 3:32

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