Zach Adams
Adams Live 2009
Background information
Birth name Zach Adams
Born February 17th 1989 (Age 20)
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genre(s) Pop/Rock
Occupation(s) Singer-Songwriter, Guitar, Piano and Drums
Instrument(s) Fender Stratocaster
Years active 2009 - present
Label(s) Junction Records
Associated acts The Junction, 4th Street Band, Max Armstrong

Zach Adams (Born February 17th 1989) is an American Pop/Rock Singer-Songwriter from California, He's the frontman for the American pop/rock group. He was raised in California by his mother and father his mother worked in a local cafe and his father owned a local music store, which is when Adams started to show interest in music and the music industry. He formed Avenue's & Alleyways in early 2009 and they we're signed up by Max Armstrong to Junction Records and are set to release their debut album in late 2009 or early 2010. Although he is in the limelight a lot he dosen't like the rock and roll lifestyle, he is currently dating Lauren Grogan lead singer of Street Dreams.


1989-2007: Early YearsEdit

Zach Adams was born February 17th 1989 in Los Angeles, California, he has two younger sisters Stephanie, 18 and Rachel, 16 he also has an older brother called Johnny, 24. Growing up in California he lived a priveleged live and spent most of his teen years down the beach and has been in a lot of short term relationships.

2007-present: Career and BreakthroughEdit

Although he dosen't currently take drugs he did try some once at the age 18. Between the ages of 18-19 he did live a party lifestyle which he says helped him realise that it wasn't for him. He met his girlfriend Sophie Burton at the age of 18 at a party and he said when he met her she was much more of a party animal than he was and that when he first met her she was standing on a table dancing topless and that his first sexual experience with her was a threesome which he described as one of the most amazing and surreal experience of his life. He started taking an interest in a career in music at the age of 18 when he became a fan of 80's rock bands and started to learn the guitar and piano. He also developed his vocal ability with the help of a vocal coach who was 21 at the time and Zach said that they did had sex after lessons, when describing his relationship with Sophia Burton he said that they both agreed that they would be in a relationship but that they could also sleep with other people. At 18 he worked part-time at his father's record store which helped improve his music knowledge and at the age of 19 he formed the group Avenue's & Alleyways after a year of stuggling with a couple of local bands he got his big break. On October 29th it was rumoured that Zach Adams had split from his girlfriend Sophia Burton because of her recent uses of drugs. On November 4th 2009 Adams hosted a two-night firework party which had over 300 guests including members of The Junction, 4th Street Band and Street Dreams

Personal LifeEdit

He has been in a few relationships and has been linked with many famous women. he has been dating Sophie Burton since the age of 18 in the past their relationship hasn't always been exclusive and they described their first year together as being just sex buddys. He was also involved with his vocal coach who was 21 at the time he said it wasn't a relationship but they we're having sex pretty much every day after their class together. He is really close with his youngest sister Rachel Adams who is 16 years old and works part time as a backing vocalist and has had a couple of TV role's as an actress, he says he's more of a best friend with her than an older brother.


Sophie Burton - He has been dating her since the age of 18 and they've both been involved with other people and they weren't exclusive for the first year of dating. On October 29th 2009 it was reported that Zach had split from Sophie following her current drug problems. He later confirmed that he had split from Sophie because of her current drug addiction he says that he did offer her help to get back on track, he also said that he had no plans to be in a relationship at the moment. He later confirmed that himself and Sophie had agreed that it would be best for her to go back to Australia with her family and take time to recover.

Lauren Grogan - After his split from Sophie Burton rumours circulated that Zach Adams and Lauren Grogan could be involved in a relationship after several photo's were taken of the two together, Zach later dismissed this saying "We're just really good friends and we're spending time together because she's helping out on the album". 4 days after returning from Australia he was seen out in Los Angeles holding hands and laughing with Lauren Grogan which fueled even more rumours that they were in a relationship.

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