Zakk Codt


Birth Name
Zakk James Codt
February 27, 1990 (age 18)
New York, USA
Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violin
Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Garage Rock, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Punk Rock, Stoner Rock, Garage Punk, Hardcore Punk, Skater Punk, New Wave, Thrashcore
Years Active
2000 - present
Love me Records 2002 - 2004
Notable Instruments
Gibson SG
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul Jr
Gibson Melody Maker
American Standard Telecaster
Jim Adkins JA-90 Telecaster Thinline
Pearl Masterworks
Yamaha GH1 B

Zakk James Codt (born February 27th in New York) is an American guitarist from the band The Paper. He plays mostly guitars.


Personal LifeEdit

Zakk was born in 1990 in New York City. Two years later he had a younger brother named Kody Codt. During his childhood his dad taught him to play different instruments. The first he learned was piano. When Zakk was four years old, after playing the piano for two years, he grew fond of the guitar. He practiced everyday. His brother started playing the drums, and they jammed alot.

When he was ten he started the band "The News" with his brother Kody Codt and his best friend Jereme Logan. They recorded a demo-album quite fast and two years later, they were signed to a record deal. In 2004 he lived through a tragedy when on a vacation the family car crashed, and Kody died. The band went into hiatus for two years, until Zakk wanted to make an album for his brother, the album was entitled "Rest"


Now Zakk is writing songs and The Paper are realizing a new album near wintertime.

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