Zombie Nation
Studio album by Hollywood Zombie
Released April 15th,2009
Recorded 2009-2009
Genre Horror Punk, Glam Metal
Language English
Label Metamorphosis Records
Producer Bobby Zombie
Hollywood Zombie chronology
Love Is Dead(2009) Zombie Nation(2009) Screamer(TBA)


Zombie Nation

                                             :1. Let The Nightmare Begin
                                             :2. Creeping In While You Sleep
                                             :3. Zombies Taking Control 
                                             :4. Its becoming Zombie Nation 
                                             :5. Attack!
                                             :6. Chop Till You Drop!
                                             :7. Zombie Chaos 
                                             :8. Oh The Horror!
                                             :9. The Waking Walking Dead Have Won
                                             :10. Buried & Left For Dead 
                                             :11. The Fear In Her Eyes As She Hides 
                                             :12. Run For Your Life
                                             :13. Return To The City Of The Dead 
                                             :14. She Is Alive 
                                             :15. The City Didn't Survive 
                                             :16. All Alone 
                                             :17. Vows Revenge On The Zombies 
                                             :18. Zombie Hunter Is Born

Personal Edit

Bobby Zombie - Vocals
Murder Zombie - Guitar
Suicide Zombie - Bass
Homcide Zombie - Guitar
Dead Zombie - Drums

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